i take my hedgehog grocery shopping and nobody tells me to stop

My worst enemy

The later I’m up the more thoughts come rushing thru my head.
All these emotions overcome me while I lay here in bed. 18 years and more to come.
I guess you could say I’m happier than some.
Yes, yes I am happy. But everyone has their moments. 5 am and counting. The memories bounce in my brain.
Don’t you wish you could just flush painful things down the drain?
Goodbye, farewell. May you never haunt me again. 5 AM and wide awake.
The thought of him bites me like a snake, in the heart. It beats faster as the tears collect. Is there a pain killer that fights away evil thoughts?
Nights like this don’t come often, but when they do… There’s no one there to soften, the blow of abuse and neglect.



Enter the Void

This is so awesum